Islamic Dawa Party: Sunday bombings result of tensed statements’ escalation

Islamic Dawa Party: Sunday bombings result of tensed statements\

Baghdad ( The Islamic Dawa Party (IDP), headed by the Premier Nouri al-Maliki denounced Sunday bombings in Baghdad.

A statement by the IDP cited that “These terrorist operations resulted from the escalation of the sectarian statements that accompanied the current demonstrations in a number of Iraqi cities.”

“The perpetrators of these terrorist attacks chose these areas to carry out their bombings in particular, to pressurize the moderate sides that represent these areas to engage in the current tensions that would lead to serious consequences in the country,” the statement added.

“On this occasion, we would like to confirm that the Iraqi Government fulfilled its commitment in meeting the demonstrators’ legitimate demands and what are left among these demands is included within the Parliament’s mission, where the parliament is disable to meet them and ratify the relevant laws due to its bad performance and lack of impartiality,” the statement concluded.

Baghdad witnessed on Sunday a spate of car bomb explosions that targeted people markets, where dozens of civilians were killed and injured.

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