KA MP criticizes Mutalibi statements

KA MP criticizes Mutalibi statements

Baghdad ( MP, Shwan Mohammed Taha, of the Kurdistani Alliance criticized the statements of MP, Saad al-Mutalibi in which he revealed the names of the members of the former Ba’ath Party in Kurdistan Region who participate in forming, what is so called, the Iraqi Free Army similar to the Syrian Free Army formed by the armed groups in Syria.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said ” We do not know whether Mutalibi is MP of the SLC, Minister or political person because we only see him in the media escalations to show that he is on of the best MPs within the SLC.”

Regarding Mutalibi accusations over the existence of the elements of the former Ba’ath party, he said “We are the first who fought those elements in 1991.”

He assured Kurdistan Region deals with the other countries through the diplomatic means and the embassies.”

Earlier, Mutalibi revealed names of Ba’athists who formed what is called “Iraqi Free Army” similar to that named “Syrian Free Army” whose elements fight against the Syrian Regime.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “Some of the former Iraqi Army commanders including, Mani Rasheed, Tali al-Dori and Mizhir Mutni who are currently available in Erbil are working to form the Iraqi Free Army that aims at establishing a separation area between Kurdistan Region and the rest of the Iraqi Provinces.”

“This army is supported by Turkey and some of the Arab Gulf countries including Qatar under the patronage of Kurdistani Regional Government,” he assured.

“The Iraqi constitution prohibits such activities that are among the constitutional violations committed by Kurdistan RegionG,” he concluded.

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