KA MP: MPs transfer disputes from parliament to public

KA MP: MPs transfer disputes from parliament to public

Baghdad ( MP, Latif Mustafa, of the Kurdistani Alliance stated “The parliament became away from the public which resulted in the demonstrations,” noting that” The parliaments in the world settle the disputes in the parliament without affecting the public, but the Iraqi parliament transfers the crisis to the public.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “I wish the MPs to quarrel and have heated statements in the parliament rather than affecting the public where the Iraqi parliament is not in the required level among the other parliaments because it creates the crisis and transfer it to the people.”

“Due to the unsatisfactory role of the parliament, the people started to neglect it and adhere to the demonstrations to call for their rights,” he added.

‘I do not call for fights among the MPs, but we should not neglect the people even if the fights happen in the parliament,” he concluded.

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