Kurdish MP warns from tensions between Peshmerga forces, Dijla OC

Kurdish MP warns from tensions between Peshmerga forces, Dijla OC

Baghdad ( MP, Ashwaq al-Jaf, of the Kurdistani Alliance warned from tensions between the Peshmerga forces and Dijla Operations Command due to the tensed statements and accusations to the Kurdistani Regional Government by the central government, noting that “Forming Dijla OC is illegal and unconstitutional.”

In a press statement received by on Tuesday, Jaf said “There is a deal signed by the cooperating committee in Kurdistan Region and the central government states that there should not be any military force in the disputes areas without coordination between the two sides,” noting that “The existence of any military force is considered as a breach to the constitution.”

“The leader of Dijla OC, as stated by some politicians, was one of the leaders who participated in Anfal military operation against the Kurdish people in the former regime,” she added,” warning the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee from “Tensions that might be happen between these two forces due to the accusation to Kurdistan RegionG by the central government that will result in killing many citizens.”

“The former regime allowed the brother to kill his brother without paying attention to the constitution, but after 2003 we established a democratic Iraq that is being threatened by forming Dijla OC in unconstitutional way,” she concluded.

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