Kurdistan delegation arrives in Baghdad to discuss independence referendum

Kurdistan delegation arrives in Baghdad to discuss independence referendum
A delegation from Kurdistan Region discusses the referendum and independence with the Iraqi officials.

Baghdad (BasNews) A delegation from Kurdistan Region arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday to discuss the referendum and independence with the Iraqi officials.

The Kurdish joint delegation from Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) consists of Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff to the Kurdistan Region Presidency, Fazil Mirani, the Head of KDP politburo and Adnan Mufti, a member of the PUK politburo.

The delegation is scheduled to meet Fuad Masoum, the Iraqi President, PM Haider al-Abadi and the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri.

The Kurdish officials will discuss holding a referendum for Kurdistan Region independence with the Iraqi senior officials. The delegation is also expected to discuss the issue of raising the Kurdistan flag over the state buildings in Kirkuk province.

The Kurdish delegation’s visit to Baghdad follows the meeting of the political bureaus of the two major Kurdistan parties.

KDP and PUK politburos held a meeting on Sunday which was chaired by Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani for discussions over several topics including holding a referendum. The two parties agreed to form a joint delegation to discuss the independence referendum with Baghdad and agreed on the Kurdish parties to form a committee which will set the timing and a mechanism for the matter.


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  1. A Kurdistan aligned with US, Israel, NATO, and EU will not be accepted nor recognized by
    regional powers. US has made a tragic mistake by building up the Kurdish region at the expense
    of Iraqi sovereignty. To make matters worse, US has installed a Kurdish puppet president in Baghdad to consolidate its control over all of Iraq. Arab world will not accept another “Israel”
    on their land.

  2. What are shia leaders doing.Unite and fight.Collecting Khums is not the only job.So much poverty in Najaf.Roads in poor condition.No play park for kids.Fighting among themselves.

  3. if the kurdistan wants independence then its up to the kurds to decide iraq should not involve it self in other peoples politics if the referendum says yes then kurdistan becomes a own country let the kurds them self decide.

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