Kurdistan Region Planning Minister, World Bank official discuss WB’s projects in Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region Planning Minister, World Bank official discuss WB\

Baghdad ( The Minister of Planning of Kurdistan Regional Government discussed on Tuesday with the World Bank’s chief in Iraq, Maria Helen Pringle, and her accompanying delegation, the projects and activities of the World Bank in Kurdistan Region.

A statement by Kurdistan RegionG cited on Tuesday “The meeting discussed the World Bank’s activities and projects in Kurdistan Region which are implemented in collaboration with Planning Ministry especially the programme of providing advisory services and the technical support by the World Bank to Kurdistan’s institutions in various fields to make use of the foreign expertise.”

“The programme of providing advisory services comes within the framework of the agreement concluded between the Kurdistan Region Planning Ministry and the WB in field of providing the technical support,” the statement added.

“On other hand, the Minister of Planning received another delegation from the WB headed by Caroline Winter, the chief of the Social Programmes in Middle East and North Africa where he discussed with her the WB’s projects for the society which is considered to be one of the projects that provide consultative services,” the statement pointed out.

“For her part, Winter confirmed that “Kurdistan Region achieved a success in field of implementing such projects and the Region represents a successful model in the region in terms of the society and government departments’ participation in all respects,” the statement concluded.

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