Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Maliki criticizes Obama administration support of Prime Minister Abadi, accusing it of “standing by violations of Iraq’s constitution”

1 & J 3 Baghdad ( On Monday the President of the State of Law Coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, criticized the attitude of the American administration and its support of Iraq’s new Prime Minister, Haider Abadi’s mandate to form a new government, saying that the USA supported “violations of the constitution.”

Maliki said in a televised speech followed that “violations of the constitution began when the constitutionally set deadline elapsed to form a new government last Thursday,” adding that “the Federal Court warned that the new President, Fuad Masum, would be held legally accountable for that.”

Maliki said, “look at the side which the American administration supported,” accusing the United States of “standing by violations of Iraq’s Constitution.”

On Monday, US Vice President Joe Biden praised Iraq’s President, Fuad Masum, for appointing Haider Abadi to form a new government, stressing the desire of US President Obama to strengthen his administration’s coordination with the new Iraqi government and the Iraqi Security Forces.

Earlier on Monday Iraq’s new President, Fuad Masum, appointed Haider Abadi to form a new government after a dispute over the nomination of Iraq’s Prime Minister which lasted for more than two weeks. The State of Law Coalition confirmed that they had not elected Abadi to be their candidate for Prime Minister and that Abadi’s candidacy has no legal merit.

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