Maliki receives Iraqi Football Team

Maliki receives Iraqi Football Team

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki held a reception ceremony on Saturday evening in honor to the Iraqi Football Team which has returned to Baghdad at Saturday noon coming from Bahrain after its participation in the Khaliji 21st championship.

A statement by Maliki’s office quoted him as saying during the reception “I am very glad to receive the Rafidein Lions (The Iraqi Football Team) and this nickname will accompany them as they are really lions where they unified the Iraqi people in all its sects.”

“Despite the political resolution that prevented the National Team from playing at its country ground, however this did not prevent them from achieving the accomplishments for the Iraqi soccer,” Maliki added confirming “We will work hard to successfully organize the next Gulf Football Championship in Basra.”

“I’m optimistic that Iraq will win the title of Khaliji 22nd,” he added.

“The Premier granted the delegation’s members financial rewards and delivered the flag of Khaliji 22nd championship from the head of the Iraqi Football Association, Najih Hamoud,” the statement concluded.

The Iraqi Football Team has arrived in Baghdad on Saturday noon coming from Bahrain amid warm popular and official reception at Baghdad International Airport.

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