Mansouri accuses Government of marginalizing southern provinces

Mansouri accuses Government of marginalizing southern provinces

Baghdad ( MP, Hussein al-Mansouri, of Ahrar bloc, accused the Government of marginalizing the southern provinces especially Basra.

Speaking to, he said “The southern provinces are marginalized and it appeared that Government respond only to demonstrations and threats.”

“It is disastrous to see young detainees in southern provinces without a committee formed to follow up these files,” he added, noting that “Basra detentions have large number of abused detainees.”

“Basra excluded by the Government and even Anbar province is better than Basra since there are four Ministers from Anbar while no one from Basra despite the fact that 95% of budget revenues are from Basra,” he continued.

“A day will come when Basra will revolt to achieve its rights as it did with the former regime,” he concluded.

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