MP accuses Kurds of opposing armament of Iraqi Army

MP accuses Kurds of opposing armament of Iraqi Army

Baghdad ( MP, Izzat al-Shahbander, of the State of Law Coalition accused “The Kurds of opposing the armament of the Iraqi Army and weakening the Federal Government.”

He stated to Iraqi News ( “There are some sides that do not like to have a strong Iraq Army including the Kurds who oppose the supplement of arms to the Iraqi Army.”

“This opposition not because they are afraid of being targeted by the Iraqi Army rather they want to weaken the Iraq Federal Government,” he added.

He accused “Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar of launching a conspiracy against the Iraq concerning the armament file.”

“The United States afraid of the Iraqi tendency to conclude armament contacts with sides other than it but we informed these sides that we are not going to Russia does not mean that we are neglecting them,” he concluded.

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