MP criticizes UN SG’s remarks over relations between Baghdad, Kurdistan

MP criticizes UN SG\

Baghdad ( MP Lubna Raheem of the Iraqiya Hurra Coalition criticized the statements of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon in which he expressed his concerns towards what he described as escalation of tensions among Baghdad and Kurdistan Region.

Raheem said that “These statements are illogic and indicates that the UN Secretary General deals superficially with the things without realizing its reality and we hope the UNSG not to interfere in the Iraqi affairs at a time we did not ask him to intervene.”

“The Iraqi Constitution could handle the pending issues between the Federal Government and Kurdistan Regional Government, hence Ki-moon was supposed to care about the daily genocide happening to the Palestinians in Gaza Strip on hands of the Zionists instead of just witnessing the bloodshed without taking any step,” she added.

In a regular report he recited in front of the UN Security Council concerning the performance of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), Ki-moon expressed his concerns towards the escalation of tensions among the political leaders, and between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region that may hinder achieving any progress in coping with future important issues of Iraq.

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