MP describes decreasing Kurdistan Region’s share of federal budget as difficult

MP describes decreasing Kurdistan Region\

Baghdad ( MP Abed Dhiyab al-Ajili described the issue of decreasing Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget as “something difficult.”

Ajili stated to Iraqi News “It is difficult to reduce the share of Kurdistan to less than 17% because this depends on conducting the census in Kurdistan Region which will determine whether to decrease the share or increase it.”

“It is not the right of the Parliament to change the rates included in the federal budget but it can only move its sections because it is the task of the Council of Ministers to change those rates,” he pointed out. .

It is worth mentioning that some MPs within the SLC have demanded to decrease the share of Kurdistan Region from the federal budget while the Kurds described these calls as included within the political outbidding and disputes between the Central Government and Kurdistan Region.

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