Mutalabi: Iraqi Government to confront Hashimi’s conspiracies

Mutalabi: Iraqi Government to confront Hashimi\

Baghdad ( The State of Law Coalition’s MP Saad al-Mutalabi assured that “The conspiracies of the sentenced to death in absentia criminal Tariq al-Hashimi will be confronted by the power of the State and Judiciary.”

Speaking to Iraqi News, he said Saturday “Any bad schemes to be implemented inside the Iraqi territories will be faced by governmental response that would suit the crimes committed by Hashimi,” noting that “Hashimi’s presence in Turkey represents an immunity for him.”

“Hashimi proved that he is criminal and dishonest person who sold his country for personal interests,” MP Mutalabi assured.

Earlier, reliable source have revealed that “Hashimi is planning to for conducting bad schemes in Iraq after his meeting with Israeli officials in Turkey.”

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