Nijaifi prevents Fatlawi from attending Iraqi Parliament’s regular sessions

Nijaifi prevents Fatlawi from attending Iraqi Parliament\

Baghdad ( The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament decided to prevent MP Hanan al-Fatlawi from attending the parliament’s regular sessions.

Fatlawi told Iraqi News ( on Thursday “While I went accompanying the MPs of the State of Law Coalition to hold press conference Nijaifi issued forcible decision to prevent me from attending the regular sessions till apologize for him, stressing that “The is part of gagging policy against me and any other MPs who object his performance.”

“I did not say anything abusive but refused his interruption for me while I was speaking and my objection for his lack of impartiality in dealing with the MPs,” she added.

I did not and will not apologize for Nijaifi and will attend the sessions,” Fatlawi added stressing “It is not his right to prevent me from attending which represents another violation to the Constitution and the bylaw since the prevention should be approved by the Parliament rather than by him.”

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