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No agreement to leave Turkish forces on Kurdistan soil, Kurdish Presidency

PKK / Kurdistan Workers' Party fighter – File Photo

ARBIL / Kurdistan Presidency denied today that President Masoud Barzani agreed with the Turks for the stay of their forces in Kurdistan. Kurdish official electronic site quoted head of Kurdish Diwan Fouad Hussein saying that “Barzani did not have any contract to permit the Turkish army to stay for the coming ¬†years in the region”. He added that no Turkish request for help to combat the PKK members was made and no promises were given in this regard. Hussein confirmed that bilateral relations are developing, not only the border question, but other economic and social sectors. He denied knowing any 23-point agreement between the two sides for the stay of these forces. Border areas in Kurdistan are under continued shelling by the Iranians and the Turks, while the latter said that their attacks were directed against the PKK party members.

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