Russia urges cooperation between U.S.-led coalition, Damascus

 Russia urges cooperation between U.S.-led coalition, Damascus

Baghdad ( The fight against terrorists inSyriaby U.S.-led coalition should be structured in cooperation with the Syrian government,Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday.

“It goes without saying that the fight against terrorism should rely on a solid basis of international law,” Lavrov said at the general debate of United Nations General Assembly.

U.S. and five Arab countries on Monday began to launch air strikes against targets of militant group Islamic State in Syria. Washington said the Syrian government had been informed of the strikes beforehand.

Washington has openly declared its right to unilateral use of force anywhere to uphold its own interests, Lavrov told world leaders.

“Military interference has become a norm — even despite the dismal outcome of all power operations that the U.S. has carried out over the recent years,” he added.

Lavrov also accused the U.S. of “rejecting the democratic principle of sovereign state” and “trying to decide for everyone what is good or evil.”

“The U.S.-led alliance that portrays itself as a champion of democracy, rule of law and human rights within individual countries, acts from directly opposite positions in the international arena,” the Russian Foreign Minister concluded. /End/

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