Sadr’ bloc: suspending US embassy’s activities in Baghdad gives green light for Qaeda


Baghdad ( The Ahrar bloc associated to the Sadr Trend described the decision of closing the US embassy in Baghdad as a message to the rest countries to follow this step and close their embassies in Iraq as it confirms presence of a crisis in the country.

Head of the bloc, Baha al-Araji, said “The US Department of State decided to suspend the activities of its embassy in Iraq at a time we wish to close this embassy permanently and we would like to remind our people that the USA is still the cause of crises in Iraq and this decision sends a clear message to the other countries that Iraq is experiencing an emergency state, so you must close your embassies as well.”

“This resolution is also a message to assure the crisis in the country and give green light to the Qaeda to carry out their terrorist operations, hence we call on our people to consolidate their unity and override such manners which aim to arouse fear inside the people,” he added.

He called the Iraqi government to demands the USA to close its embassy in Iraq as it became a source of concern for the security.

The US Department of State decided to close some of its embassies which usually work on Sundays in Baghdad, Abu Dhabi and Cairo due to security concerns.


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  1. have alok at this monstrasoty it is areminder of US Imparearlism it is like a city this is not an embassy in asmall to modertae size country it is a staement of empire and control and fully areminder of US illegal war in iraq it was always a hated building and what it stood for in Iraq and should go and US should be heald accoun ntablew for the death and destruction it reined down on iraq anad the first is too shut this embassy down and stop shia hiding behind fakeal qeada and start hoding war criminalsa bush and blair to account and start by demanding the UN get rid of tony blair as its peace amabassador to the ME TIME FOR ASSAD TO START TO MOVE ELECTIONS FORWARD IN SYRIA THE US IS STALLING AND PARTICIPATE AS BROADER PARETICIPATION OF OPP KURDS INTERNAL ETC AS POSSIBLE THE US HAS NOW TRAPPED PALESTINIANS TIME FOR IRAQ AND ASSAD TO START TO HELP FIRST BLAIR TO GO SECOND BRING ELECTIONS IN SYRIA FORWARD BEFORE US EU DO SAOMETHING ELSE

  2. Shirley…you are seriously incorrect. The US came to Iraq to free your people from tyranny and all you can do is condemn that action? Many brave US soldiers lost their lives so you could post your comments as a free Iraqi. If Saddam was still in power, your comments would have gotten you in prison or killed. US imperialism is a bad joke that people use to cover their own inability to run a democratic country and threatens your freedom. The only thing you people should concentrate on is getting the bad elements out of your country so that all of Iraq can be free. If you don’t want to do it for yourself do it for the children who deserve a better future. The shia and Sunni are fighting each other and for what? The US Embassy is your last bastion of true freedom that the Iraqi people are letting slip away from their fingers. Do you want chaos or a free country for your children? Hate begets hate and your country will sink into war, death and chaos if your people are not careful. You see what’s happening in Syria? Freedom is the one thing people will fight and die for.

    • I guess USA citizens (half of whom can’t tolerate the other half any given day and the majority of whom fear and don’t trust their own government) should look forward to being liberated by an outside entity salivating to control it’s resources and undermine it’s foreign policy on behalf of a belligerent neighbour. Do USA citizens have any ability to think in unbiased terms? I guess that’s becoming the definition of the USA mindset – All hypocrisy All of the time! Go home and stay there until you sort out your own failures, then maybe you can actually help the rest of the world in a meaningful way.

  3. Yeah Shirley, screw it. The US should have left Saddam in power and maybe you could have been one of the innocent people he continued to kill. That is just ONE of his wrongdoings. You can condemn the US, but more are glad this happened than didn’t. The Iraqi people who were not brainwashed are even happy they are liberated even though the true road to a great Iraq is still going to be a journey with all of the sectarian violence. That violence has ZERO to do with the US and is strictly bc people of the M.E. can’t put aside petty differences. Also the Iraqi government should learn how to get a grip on violence people don’t get f***ing blown up everyday with bombs here. What a shame… lack of intelligence.

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