Sahwa adviser says neighboring countries settle account with U.S. in Iraq

BAGHDAD / A Sahwa council adviser on Saturday accused neighboring countries of attempting to settle some old scores with the United States on Iraqi land. “Neighboring countries are trying to undermine the security success achieved by the Sahwa project in Iraqi areas where sectarianism and racism have been rife,” Thamir al-Tamimi, otherwise known as Abu Azzam, said during a joint press conference with Sahwa leaders in Baghdad, which was attended by Iraqi News. “All regional countries that are in dispute with the United States are trying to settle their accounts in Iraq,” Tamimi noted. When asked about the number of the remaining Sahwa forces that have not yet been employed in government departments, Tamimi said that 20 percent of them are waiting for those jobs. The Sahwa councils are anti-Qaeda fighters working in coordination with the Multi-National Force (MNF) and the Iraqi government. Headed by local chieftains, the councils have been credited with helping reduce violence in many Iraqi provinces, like Anbar, Diala, Ninewa, and Salah al-Din. SS (P)/SR 1

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