Sayadi: Russian armament deal’s case comes to hide corruption at CBI

Sayadi: Russian armament deal\

Baghdad ( The independent MP Kadhim al-Sayadi stressed that the issue of the armament deal concluded with Russia was fabricated through an agreement among the political blocs to come as a reaction to the issue of the Central Bank of Iraq.

Sayadi stated to Iraqi News ( “This issue came to cover up the corruption files at the CBI related to stealing moneys and involvement of senior figures in those files in addition to mentioning names of some banks’ directors in this case.”

He called to “arrest all the directors of the banks participating in the CBI’s bids,” noting that “some of those directors are outside Iraq currently.”

Sayadi reasserted “Unconstitutionality and illegality of the commission formed earlier by the Iraqi Parliament over investigating the armament deal concluded with Russia because it lacks concluded contracts which makes it clear that this case comes within a political agreement to pressurize and affect the investigation process over the CBI’s case.”

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