Some disputed areas become centers for terrorism, says Hilli

Some disputed areas become centers for terrorism, says Hilli

Baghdad ( MP, Waleed al-Hilli, pointed out that Some of the disputed areas became centers for terrorism so it is the Government’s duty to sustain security in every area in the country.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “The Government must preserve the security stability in any area whether in Kirkuk, Kurdistan Region and any other areas.”

“There is no war between the Federal forces and the Pishmirga elements in the disputed areas but there are violations by some sides in some areas,” he added.

“The current tendency is to form joint forces in the disputed areas as suggested by the Council of Ministers,” he assured.

“The tensions between the Federal Government and the Kurdistani Regional Government have no connection with the political disputes rather they are because of some violations,” he continued.

“The relations between the State of Law Coalition and the Kurds are historical and will remain strategic on the bases of the constitution,” he concluded.

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