Some figures within MoD aim at conducting coup, says MP

Baghdad ( – MP, Karim Alewi, of the Iraqi National Alliance assured that there are some figures within the Ministry of Defense aim at destabilizing the security situation and to conduct a coup.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “There are plots run by the neighboring countries through Iraqi figures,” noting that “Harth al-Dhari and the death sentenced, Tariq al-Hashimi, adopt this plots.”

“The neighboring countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia in addition to Qatar intend to destabilize the security situation and target the Iraqi key leaders,” he added.

He linked the Syrian situation with the Iraqi, clarifying “We do not feel secured concerning the security situation and the Government must understand this issue to get the security forces alerted.”

“Some figures within the MoD affiliated to Baath Party and foreign sides attempt to conduct a coup and topple the regime in Iraq,” he concluded.

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