Source informs Iraqi News about Dabbagh’s involvement in Russian arms deal

Source tinforms details over Dabbagh\

Baghdad ( Certain source in the Parliamentary Committee which is tasked to investigate in the armament deal concluded with Russia revealed that that the Spokesperson of the Iraqi Government, Ali al-Dabbagh was prevented from entering the Council of Ministers.

The source told that “A decision was issued by the CoM to prevent Dabbagh from attending the CoM for being accused of involvement in the corruption case related to the armament deal concluded with Russia.”

“Dabbagh received two offers to get rid of this case one is to be an ambassador for Iraq in any country or depart Iraq without any pursue,” the source added.

“He refused these offers and attributed this matter that the Islamic Dawa Party which is headed by the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, bears animosity towards him,” he pointed out.

The source continued saying “After Dabbagh’s refusal for these two offers, some sides began to investigate about his fortune where they estimated it by $ 20 million.”

In a press conference held at the Parliament’s building and was attended by correspondent, Dabbagh denied for being involved in the corruption accompanied the armament contracts concluded with Russia,” stressing that “My name was mentioned in unusual planned way by some media outlets over the corruption accompanied the armament contracts concluded with Russia,” stressing that “This was done by sides who exerted huge efforts to defame the others.”

Earlier, an informed military source stated that Iraq cancelled the armament deals with Russia.

“The deals were cancelled due to corruption issues,” the source concluded.

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