Talabani identifies authorities entrusted to Vice President

Talabani identifies authorities entrusted to Vice President

Baghdad ( MP Hassan Jihad of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by the President, Jalal Talabani, revealed that “Talabani had limited the power granted to the Vice President, Khudhair al-Khuzai in assuming the authorities of the President during the period of his absence.”

Jihad told Iraqi News “Talabani identified the power entrusted to Khuzai who currently assumes the office of Talabani, without specifying the nature of these authorities.”

“The decision of dissolving the parliament is not related to the Vice President since the issue is associated with the political agreements, hence even if the President or the Premier forward request to dissolve the parliament, this cannot be achieved because the Iraqi constitution states that only the parliament can dissolve itself through submitting request by third of the MPs,” he added.

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