Tayfor criticized tensed statements of Arab MPs of Kirkuk

Tayfor criticized tensed statements of Arab MPs of Kirkuk

Baghdad ( The Second Deputy Speaker, Arif Tayfor, criticized the tensed statements by the Arab MPs of Kirkuk province.

In his statement received by on Saturday, Tayfor criticized “The stance of, what is so called, the Political Arab Council that supported Dijla Operations Command by preventing the citizens of the villages to demonstrate and call for their rights.”

“The peaceful demonstrations are constitutional and those who try to create the sectarian sedition and appose the peaceful demonstrations are Chauvinists who are related to foreign sides,” he added.

He expressed his sorrow for “The situation in Kirkuk due to preventing the demonstrations,” assuring that “We have warned from the danger that is caused by the formation of Dijla OC because it is unconstitutional and away from the ambitions of the Iraqi people and what happened in Kirkuk is a clear evidence of the danger of Dijla OC.”

Earlier, security sources stated that Dijla Operations Commands prevented the cars from entering Hawija district in Friday due to the calls to hold public demonstrations that support the others in the other provinces.” .

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