UN humanitarian organizations continue to assist displaced people in Iraq


Dohuk ( UN humanitarian organizations continued to assist the people displaced in Iraq following increased violence by the armed group, a UN spokesperson said in a statement received by

“The World Food Program (WFP) and its partners are providing food assistance for some 100,000 displaced people a day in Dohuk,” Deputy UN spokesman Farhan Haq said at a daily news briefing.

Since Aug. 4, the WFP and its partners have provided almost two million meals for displaced people in Dohuk from six field kitchens, while in the town of Zakho, 15,000 families have received ready-to-eat food rations — enough for a family of five for three days, according to the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the UN Children’s Fund has pre-positioned 30 truckloads of relief supplies closer to areas where displaced people are arriving. With its partners and the local authorities, UNICEF has delivered aid to 73,000 children, women and their families.

The spokesperson added that it has also distributed 34,000 high energy biscuits for children under five and is also providing support for displaced children who have been separated from their families. /End/

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