UN: Ministerial commissions tasked to consider masses’ demands need to be more active

Salah il-Din ( The UN delegation that has visited Tikrit on Tuesday stressed that “The commissions formed by the Iraqi Government to consider the demonstrators’ demands need to be more active, stressing that the “UN’s role is just to offer advice no more no less.”

Marwan Ali, the head of the UN delegation clarified during a press conference he held in Tikrit city “The ministerial commissions the Iraqi Government has formed to follow up the demonstrators’ demands need to be more active,” noting “the UN respects the human rights and it is eager to preserve them on condition that these protests stick to the law.”

The UN delegation has met with Salah il-Din Governor and a number of the protests’ representatives in Tikrit in a second visit after visiting Samara in last January to see the demands of the demonstrations there.

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