Urgent – .Voting percentage in Anbar reaches 37% while Nineveh hits 35%

Urgent....Voting percentage in Anbar reaches 37% while Nineveh hits 35%

Baghdad ( the Independent High Electoral Commission announced “The percentage of participation in Nineveh Provincial Council elections reached 35% and Anbar province hit 37%.”

The head of the Electoral Office within the IHEC, Muqdad al-Shiriefi, stated in a press conference in Baghdad on Thursday “More than 1107 voting centers were opened in the two provinces.”


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  1. this is not good enough and all should have participated in ridding iraq of US influence and holding Malaiki to account for the oppression of Sunnis in Iraq by doing US Iran bidding haning people who resisted the US occupation under the fake al qeada lie absaloute hreartbreak for all brave souls who risked their lives US admitted no al qeada in Iraq just iraq resistence who decided to use the name and now US IranEU make up some al nousra alqeada claim no one knows who they are when in fact all fighting in syria are US EU paid merceneries including many who came from LIBYA who carried out same autrocities and who killed gaddfhi spoke spanish CIA caught inn LIBYA and Syria french troops SUNNIS MUST stand up and Iraq must find the courage to seek true justice and resitution something MALAKI refusess to do and the MKO should be dispersed to EU countries seperatedas not to cause any more trouble but they have caused far less damage than what the US EU have done to IRAQ LIBYA PALESTINE AND SYRIA and killing countless afghans ISREAL US /EU are the real problem US trying to collapse the new state of palestine

  2. and is this participation due to the curfews taht would have caused agreat inconvenience and stooped many especially elderly from participating in elections it was underhanded at last minute to announce this and many more polling stations should have been set up at schools etc to allow many to vote this vote was of prime importance to change destiny of sunnis and iraq in general and region

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