US holds my money in reserve, says Jabouri

MP for the Union of National Forces Mishan al-Jabouri
MP for the Union of National Forces Mishan al-Jabouri

( On Moday , MP for the Union of National Forces Mishan al-Jabouri stated, that the United States has held his money reserve in banks outside Iraq, and that al-Cha’b Channel broadcast was stopped because of not enough funds to pay the satellite annual subscription, while pointed out that the parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri has pledged to intervene.

Jubouri said in an interview for, “In early September 2008, the United States held my money and my wife’s in reserve under a circular issued by the US Department of the Treasury, following a speech against the US occupation in Iraq at that time.”


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  1. The US are basically a terrorist force at state level. The only difference between them and IS is that they have significantly more power to cause damage, and have much better propaganda machine to make it look like their thugs are on the civilized side.

    Meanwhile they continue to destroy countries, kill people and harass and rape women and children in said countries, support and arm countries that arm and support terrorists such as the GCC as well.

    And then you have terrorists sympathizers like a certain poster above supporting these policies. I guess you can’t blame these sympathizers, after all they’ve just inherited the same mindset their ancestors did when they colonized the world.

  2. derpwiwit you are on crack. The Middle East would have total domination like hitler and the n**i party if it wasnt for people who like freedom and wont be ruled..All the problems in the world today are because of the middle east.

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