Zarief: Iraq’s peace & stability top Iran foreign policy agenda

Baghdad ( Iraq’s peace and stability are high on the Iranian foreign policy agenda, said Iranian foreign minister in a meeting with UN secretary general’s special envoy on Iraq here Sunday.
“Iraq’s peace, stability and advancement are among the priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in that respect we will spare no effort,” said Mohammad Javad Zarif in his Sunday evening meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq Nicolay Mladenov.
Highlighting the influential role that the UN can and must play in Iraq and in Syria, Zarif emphasized that precise identification of the influential factors and elements in the Iraqi and Syrian crises by the United Nations is necessary.
He said that continuous consultations among the regional countries aimed at uprooting the menace of terrorism is needed, emphasizing that understanding the realities on the ground in Iraq and ending support for the terrorist and Takfiri groups are the prerequisites for such assistance.
The Iranian top diplomat, meanwhile, informed Mladenov that an international conference dubbed “World against Aggression and Extremism” will be held in Tehran in near future in the presence of prominent regional and international political officials.
The UN special envoy, too, in the meeting referred to the tough and complicated conditions with which Iraq is entangled today, especially regarding the human catastrophe crisis on the two sides of the Iraq-Syria borders, emphasizing the need for participation and cooperation of both the regional and international players in campaign against terrorism there.
Mladenov, meanwhile, announced the United Nations’ readiness for more effective role playing in that respect, appreciating the Iran’s assistance and contributions to the Iraqi nation and government under the tough prevailing conditions.
He also asked to international community to act more responsibly and contribute more effectively and constructively aimed at crisis solving in Iraq./End/

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