Bafi calls to make Kurdistan Region’s share of federal budget 23%

Bafi calls to make Kurdistan Region\

Baghdad (AIIN) MP Hamid Bafi of the Kurdistani Democratic Party stressed that the share of Kurdistan Region within the federal budget should not be less than 23%.

Bafi said in a statement received by “The armed forces at the time of the Iraqi former regime committed outrageous crimes against the Iraqi people and Kurdistan’s people in particular through acts of the ethnic cleansing, demographic change, displacement, Arabization, chemical shelling of Anfal operations besides other crimes and tragedies which were suffered by the people of Kurdistan.”

“For all these reasons, l think that Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget of 2013 should not be reduced to less than 23% so as to be able to compensate the affected people of those genocides, rebuild the damaged villages of Anfal and alleviate the sufferings of the injured people due to the chemical weapons,” he continued.

It is worth mentioning that some MPs within the SLC have demanded to decrease the share of Kurdistan Region from the federal budget while the Kurds described these calls as included within the political outbidding and disputes between the Central Government and Kurdistan Region.

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