CBI sells 182 million US dollars on Monday

BAGHDAD / The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has sold 182 million US dollars in its auction for selling and buying foreign currencies on Monday, with an average exchange rate of 1,170 Iraqi dinars per dollar, its daily bulletin reported, adding that today’s figure is less than the previous session of 183 million dollars dollar. “The total size of the dollar sales for Monday has reached 182 million and 782,000 dollars, covered by the CBI at an average rate of 1,170 dinars per dollar,” the bulletin reported, whilst the CBI‘s sales for its last session had reached 183 million and 378,000 US dollars. The bullet added that the CBI‘s cash sales for Monday had reached 12 million and 80,000 US dollars, on an exchange rate of 1,183 dinars per dollar, including the Bank’s interest of 13 dinars per dollar. “The CBI‘s sales had reached 170 million and 702,000 US dollars on an exchange rate of 1,183 dinars per dollar, including the Bank’s interest rate of 13 dinars per dollar,” the bulleter stressed. The bulletin repeated its daily comment that none of the Banks that attended the CBI‘s sessions, including the 22 banks that attended today’s session had offered any dollar for sale. The CBI holds 5 weekly sessions for selling and buying foreign currencies, beginning on Sunday and ending on Thursday, charging 13 dinars per dollar, along with another 13 dinars per dollar for its foreign transfers. RM (TI)/SR 31

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