Citizen Bloc demands to enlist students’ scholarship within state budget 2013

Citizen Bloc demands to enlist students\

Baghdad ( MP Abdul Hussein Abtan of the Citizen Bloc confirmed that his bloc intends to “enlist scholarships for university students within the law project of the state budget 2013.”

MP Abtan reported to ”We will cooperate with some MPs to submit an official decree to the presidency commission of the Parliament to enlist this suggestion and add it to the state budget 2013.”

”The suggestion, which is submitted by Citizen bloc and endorsed by the Parliament, aims to enhance the living situation and helps the poor students to finalize their higher studies, though, we did not expect that this grant was not listed within the allocations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or any other concerned ministries,” the statement added.

The parliament voted for the law project of the scholarship of students of Iraqi universities and institutes which was submitted by the Higher Education and Scientific Research Parliamentary Committee to help the students who belong to the limited income slice to finalize their studies. \

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