Iraq will not default on salaries due in June, says Finance Committee MP

Masood Haider, member of the Finance Committee of Parliament.
Masood Haider, Member of Parliament and its Finance Committee.

( Baghdad – The Finance Committee of Parliament denied allegations that the central government is unable to pay salaries after June and confirmed that Iraq’s foreign currency reserves exceed $60 billion US dollars.

The Finance Committee Member of Parliament, Masood Haider, said in a press statement “The rumors about the Iraqi government’s inability to pay employee salaries after June is merely anti-government propaganda and an attempt to make it fail,” noting that, “Apart from other revenue streams, the state’s oil revenues alone exceed $4 billion USD while employee salaries only amount to $3.4 billion USD.”

Haider added that, “Iraq has large foreign currency reserves in excess of $60 billion USD and 80 tons of gold to support the Iraqi Dinar” stressing that, “Iraq is not a bankrupt country and that it preservers through a financial crisis that is a result of irrational policies from the previous regime.”

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