International Monetary Fund signs agreement with Iraq to control its economy

The International Monetary Fund logo
The International Monetary Fund logo

( Baghdad – On Tuesday the International Monetary Fund announced signing an agreement with Iraq in the coming days about a program to monitor the economy and following-up the effective administrative performance of Iraq, emphasizing that the program aims to cut spending and reduce the deficit to consolidate a financial program to be agreed upon next year.

The director of the Middle East Office of the IMF, Masood Ahmed, said in a statement on the sidelines of a conference in Dubai followed by “The IMF is seeking to sign an agreement with Iraq on a monitoring program of its economy.”

“This program will follow-up and monitor the effective performance of the Iraqi financial authorities which will lead to the creation of a financial program to be agreed upon next year,” he added.

Noteworthy, Iraq had previously agreed with the IMF on monitoring the economic policies of Baghdad.

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