Iraq to sell all his aircrafts, parked in foreign airports since old regime:

BAGHDAD / Iraq has decided to sell all its aircrafts, parked in the airports of Jordan, Tunisia and Iran, by its former Baath regime, the Flights Affairs Director in Iraq‘s Transportation Ministry said on Tuesday. “The Transportation Ministry has got the approval of the Council of Ministers to sell all its aircrafts, parked in Jordan, Tunisia and Iran, possessed by the Iraqi Airways and covered by exception from the law on sellilng state property, because they have become scrap and can’t return to service, as well as the rejection of international airports to allow them land in them,” Nasser al-Shibly told news agency. Shibly said that his Ministry “had sold 5 of the said planes to Jordan and its expected to rehabilitate one of them only, whilst the close sale of two other aircrafts for Tunisia, whilst Iran had refused to return the planes parked in its airports, as talks with it in this regard had reached to a closed end.” Noteworthy is that Iraq had flown the said aircrafts to Jordan, Tunisia and Iran, to avoid their destruction by the U.S.-led attacks during the 2nd Gulf War, launched against Iraq in 1991, following its occupation of Kuwait in 1990. SKH 33

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