Maliki attends Maysan oil refinery contract signing with Satarem

Maliki attends signing of contract of Maysan oil refinery
Baghdad ( The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, called upon all the companies and investors to take advantage of available opportunities in Iraq to participate in reconstruction of Iraq in the fields of oil, electricity, housing, roads, industry, trade and other sectors.

Maliki’s office reported in a statement that he delivered during the ceremony of singing celebration of establish and operate Maysan Oil refinery between the Ministry of Oil and the Swiss Company Satarem with cost of USD (6) billions and with production capacity reaches (150,000) oil barrels daily.the statement quoted Maliki as saying ”We are signing the contract of this investment project with the participation of private sector where it will contribute in meeting the needs of Iraq of oil derivatives.”


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  1. how about gettng some war resitution malaki instead of paying nato to rebuild what they illegally destroyed using IRAQI hard eraned and mucj needed money

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