MoE assumes examining of fuel for electric stations, says MP

MoE assumes examining of fuel for electric stations, says MP

Baghdad ( Member of the Oil and Energy parliamentary committee Suzan al-Saad mentoined that “The Ministry of Electricity has assumed the task of examining the fuel used in electricity station after SOMO company which was within Ministry of Oil.”

She added in statement received by that ”The fuel which is used in electricity stations suffer of bad quality which caused many problems in those electricity stations causing a waste of a lot of money.”

She pointed out that ”The ships which transport the fuel suffer from many defects that affect the quality of the fuel, especially in last November which witnessed this problem with three ships, and therefore this problem should be addressed and adopt ships that have the required technical specifications.”

She called the Ministry of Electricity ”To establish offices specialized in examining the fuel close to the ports in order to accelerate the time required to examine the fuel,’ stressing that “The procedures of testing oil adopted by the Ministry of Electricity are better than those previously adopted by the Ministry of Oil ‘ \

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