MP stresses necessity of improving employees’ salaries

MP stresses necessity of improving employees\

Baghdad ( MP, Najiba Najib, of the Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed the necessity of improving the salaries of the employees.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, she said “There is a committee formed by the Secretariat of the Council of Minister and another one formed by the members of the Finance Committee to re-consider the employees’ salaries because they are not suitable to the current prices of the foodstuffs and the inflation in the State.”

“Amending the employees’ salaries needs an amendment to the Civil Service Law where this law must be amended by the government to be sent to the parliament to approve it,” she concluded.

Earlier, the Planning Minister, Ali al-Shikri, reveled that the administrational structure of all the governmental institutions was completed in coinciding with the new system of the employees’ salaries that will balance the salaries in the current law submitted by the government to the parliament.

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