Parliament’s chairmanship to discuss pending points of 2013 budget with blocs’ leaders on Monday


Baghdad ( Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Najiba Najeeb announced that “the Iraqi parliament’s chairmanship will hold meeting on today Monday with the leaders of the political blocs to discuss the controversial points about the federal budget of 2013.

Najeeb told Iraqi News “The Parliament’s chairmanship will meet with the parliament blocs’ leaders in presence of the Finance Committee’s members to confer about the pending points concerning 2013 budget.”

The Kurdistani Alliance is not the only side that has demands related to the share of the Kurdistan Region from the budget but the Iraqiya Slate also has demands where its MPs confirmed that they will not vote on the budget if the political consensus would not be there.”

The parliament is scheduled to hold regular session on Monday to read and vote on a number of law drafts including 2013 budget amid expectations of difficulty in endorsing the budget due to lack of agreement among the political blocs.

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