Iraq Oil Minister: Kurdistan sends 448,000 barrels of oil daily to Baghdad

Iraq Oil Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.
Iraq Oil Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

( Baghdad – Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced on Monday, that Baghdad receives 448,000 barrels of oil from the Kurdistan Region on a daily basis, emphasizing that his ministry aims to get rid of the import of oil derivatives, while also confirming an increase in production and exports.

Abdul-Mahdi said at a press conference today, after the third meeting of oil ministers and former agents, attended by “The conferees noticed a steady increase in oil production and exports, despite the harsh and difficult war conditions in which we work in,” noting that, “There are a lot of difficulties and past legislation that hinder any movement.”

Abdul-Mahdi added that “The amount of oil that we receive from the Kurdistan region improved greatly and increased compared with the first and second months of the oil agreement,” stating that, “We have been receiving 448,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis since April, and we are going to increase that to 550,000 barrels per day at an annual rate.”

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