Monday, December 6, 2021


Parade for Iraq orphans in Baghdad

BAGHDAD / A group of NGO organizations decided to organize a parade for Iraqi orphans today with the participation of 1000 orphans with their families representing seven provinces in Baghdad. In a statement by In Support of Iraqi Orphans Gathering, which includes 28 NGO organizations in Iraq, the parade shall be in busses to tour Baghdad and to be gathered in a club to organize a grand festival for the orphans. The parade shall be silent, but carrying placards and slogans demanding the rights of the orphans in Iraq. This is the first of its type, where UN and international assistance organizations were invited. According to approximate NGO figures and official figures, there are about 4 million orphans in Iraq. This gathering was formed at the beginning of 2011 to expose the question of the orphans in the country to the government and the world.


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