100,000 Christian displaced from Mosul, says official

Representational file photo
Representational file photo

( Dohuk – Nineveh Provincial Council member Anwar Mata announced on Wednesday, that more than 100 thousand Christians have been displaced from Mosul and Nineveh Province, while 20 thousand others have fled the country.

Mata said in an interview for, “more than 120 thousand Christians displaced from Mosul and Nineveh after ISIS control on Mosul,” noting that, “about 20 thousand of them have migrated Iraq since last year.”

“The lack of interest of the federal government towards the displaced Christians pushed them to migrate outside the country,” noting that, “the psychological and moral damage was greater than the loss of their money and property as a result of ISIS occupation of Mosul.” Mata added.




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  1. Lots of people and from different religions have migrated out of Iraq before ISIS invaded and because they were living in fear and persecution. After ISIS has been dealt with it will be interesting to see if more will migrate because they will unless Iraqi people learn to live in peace with each other. I know because some Iraqi people are now living in my country and they do not want to go back to Iraq.

  2. _ The christians in Iraq are alwats in danger from 2003 to now or before ISIS took control of Mousal but the iraqis will be in the swampland and be in apex against ISIS to return back any thing that ISIS took.
    Thank You

  3. Speaking strictly of Assyrians of Iraq! ISIS or no ISIS Assyrians have been targeted for eradication or evacuation before the establishment of the country of Iraq. It is strictly an Islam ideaology and belief that Islam is the only religion and any other, must be eliminated! Certainly not all muslims believe or submit to such ideaology; yes there are great Muslims who want to live in peace with, respect and care about Assyrians and other Christians; however sadly those are not in power and can not affect a change in the hearts and minds of those determined to eliminate Assyrians and Christianity.
    In my view the harsh reality is that Assyrians do not have a choice. Stay in Iraq & other Muslim countries, lose identity, heritage, culture, language and live in daily feer OR escape to the west, live slightly freeier, at leat for a while till Islam takes over the west; melt in the melting pot of the west, lose our heritage, language, identity, and in a few decades have nothing remaining other than some of our thoughts, beliefs,hopes and dreams, in the digital world only! But then even those are not permanent, since others will totally erase all that remains of us!

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