126 ISIS militants killed in security operations Sunday

The body of a dead ISIS fighter in Iraq.
The body of a dead ISIS fighter in Iraq.

Baghdad ( Military, police and anti-terrorism forces have so far killed 126 Islamic State militants during operations on Sunday to liberate the city of Mosul from the extremist group, military media and commanders said.

Abdel Wahab al-Saedi, a top commander of the Iraqi anti-terrorism forces, said that the forces killed 40 militants at the districts of al-Kahera and al-Masaref, east of Mosul, after they tried to obstruct the troops.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry’s War Media Cell reported 54 ISIS deaths in airstrikes on al-Masaed neighborhood south of Mosul. The strikes destroyed two booby-trapped vehicles and five fighters carriers.

Earlier on Sunday, Iraqi military intelligence reported that Iraqi army jets had killed 32 Islamic State militants west of Mosul.

Iraqi government forces, popular volunteer militias and US-led air forces continue successful advancements to clear ISIS’s last stronghold in Iraq as part of a major campaigned launched by the government in October. Recent operations have rendered the province of Nineveh isolated from the rest of Iraq, and deprived the group of its supply lines and escape routes from and to Syria.

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