33 ISIS militants, 9 soldiers killed as anti-terrorism forces stormed Mosul’s Aden

Iraqi army forces at Aden, Mosul.
Iraqi army forces at Aden, Mosul.

Nineveh – ( Thirty-three Islamic State militants and nine soldiers were killed when anti-terrorism forces stormed the district of Aden in Mosul, senior officer within the source told Anadolu Agency on Sunday.

“Our forces began since yesterday (Saturday) to advance toward the district of Aden, one of the important neighborhoods for the group due to its strategic location,” Azzam al-Ebeidi, an anti-terrorism forces major told the agency. He said 21 soldiers were wounded, while two booby-trapped cars were detonated and two rocket launchers were destroyed.

“The neighborhood hosts many of the group’s well-trained and highly-equipped elements,” according to al-Ebeidi, who said the forces were met with ferocious resistance from the militants who relied mainly on snipers and booby-traps to stymie the advancing troops.

Iraqi forces, supported by popular militias and US-led air forces have killed hundreds of ISIS militans and liberated tens of villages on the outskirts of Mosul since operations launched mid October to recapture the city which fell in ISIS hold in 2014.

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