American troops to stay in Iraq as long as necessary, says U.S. amb.

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller

Baghdad ( – The presence of American troops in Iraq came at a request of the Iraqi government to improve combat skills of the country’s army, U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad Matthew Tueller said on Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference at the headquarters of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Tueller affirmed that the U.S.-led international coalition will continue its mission in Iraq as long as needed to prevent the return of Islamic State militants.

Tueller stressed that the U.S. government listed hardline Iraqi Shiite militia Harakat Hezbollah Al Nujaba and the Lebanese Hezbollah as terrorist groups for their cooperation with extremist organizations and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iraq.

Tensions have risen recently between Washington and Iran as the U.S. administration sent bombers and aircraft carriers to the Middle East to counter what it described as potential threats against U.S interests from Iran.

Tehran responded with warnings that it was ready to counter American threats.

The uneasy atmosphere prompted a number of Western countries to announce withdrawal of some of their military or civilian workers in Iraq.

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  1. US ambassador Matthew Tueller is saying US will continue to occupy Iraq and control the people
    and oil of Iraq. Of coarse, US will keep building up Kurdish region and make it a UN recognized
    state. Only God knows how many Arabs of Iraq US and Kurds murdered since the invasion of
    Iraq in 2003. Perhaps millions have been killed. But the future looks bad for US. US is now trapped by Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Iran in the region. They will not allow US to simply take over the region and its oil reserves. Yes it looks very bad for US. Perhaps that’s why Russian interference in US
    election has been the fictitious story spread by Zionist media to divert attention from US Middle
    East debacle.

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