Urgent – Dam collapses in Salah il-Din

Salah-il-Din ( One of the water dams collapsed in Salah il-Din province on Thursday.

The correspondent of Iraqi News ( stated “The dam which is in Albu Dhaea village of al-Alam district of Tikrit city the center of Salah il-Din province, collapsed due to the rainwater in the area.”

About 1500 families were displaced due to the floods in al-Misahab village of northren Beiji district of Salah-il-Din province. reporter stated “The continuous rain in this village led 1500 families to desert their houses.”

“The Red Crescent Association distributed aids, included tents and foodstuffs, among the displaced families,” the reporter assured.

“The rain is going on till now,” the reporter concluded.

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1500 families displaced in Salah-il-Din due to floods

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