British Embassy grants Visas for Iraqis from Baghdad

British Embassy grants Visas for Iraqis from Baghdad

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Foreign Affairs Ministry assured that “The British Embassy has started a center to receive the requests for British visas directly from Baghdad to facilitate procedures of travel between both countries.”

A statement by the Iraqi Foreign Affairs Ministry received by cited “The ceremony of inaugurating the visa section in the British Embassy in Baghdad has been conducted on Thursday which enables Iraqi citizens present their applications for the visa directly to the British Embassy in Baghdad instead of Amman or a third country.”

“The Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zibari and the British Minister of State for Trade and Investment Lord Stephen Green cut the ribbon of the Visa section within the British Embassy in Baghdad which is an important step to enhance economic, trade and cultural cooperation between Iraq and Great Britain,” the statement concluded.


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  1. Im Dr. nihad Al-tameemi from Baghdad , republic of iraq , its honor to me to get visa and travel for Great British for turisim , in fact Im working as a ssociated professor at the Ministry of Science & technology , Directorate of Agriculture.
    Its really a big dream to me to vist london since my chiledhood ,
    Regards .

    your faithfully
    Nihad Al-tameemi
    Associated Professor ( IPM ),
    baghdad – Iraq.

    Mobile No . 07709683976
    E. mail : [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Waiting for your kind response as soon as possible

  2. Dear Sir / Madam
    In October 2014, I applied for the Family Visit Visa to go to GB in order to visit a member of my family.
    I applied through the office in Erbil/ Sheraton.
    After spending a lot money, time and effort in providing all the required documents for my application form, yet I haven’t been granted the above mentioned Visa , instead, I have got a 2 sheet letter of the refusal ; stating reasons for the decision
    I strongly disagree with those reasons and with refusal.
    I want to appeal against that decision or to get refunded but I don’t know where to start!

    Kind regards

  3. Dear sir, i want to apply for British visa from Baghdad .How i can get the application form and requirements for such visa .best regards

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