Cabinet agreed in principle on formation of National Guard, says Jabouri


( On Tuesday, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office Rafid Jabouri announced that the Council of Ministers had approved in principle the formation of the National Guard.

Jabouri said in a statement obtained by, “The Council of Ministers’ members met in its regular meeting today, and decided to approve the formation of the National Guard in principle.”

Jabouri added, “The Council of Ministers also decided to assign a ministerial committee to prepare the formulation of the National Guard law in order to vote on it in the next meeting.”

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s office confirmed on January 17, 2015 that the National Guard would be a legal cover for tribal fighters and associate members, pointing out that this formation would prevent the occurrence of side disputes after the liberation of land from the control of the ISIS organization, and limit the weapon supply in the hands of the state.


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