Civilians killed, injured as Iraqi troops shell Mosul’s Old City

A man runs through the debris after a mortar shell hit a street.

Mosul ( Several citizens were killed and injured on Thursday as Iraqi troops shelled Mosul’s Old City, local residents told Shafaaq News.

A civilian was killed, while three others were wounded as mortar missiles shot by Iraqi forces against al-Qulay’at region in the Old City, the residents said.

Earlier this week, Col. Reda Abdullah al-Bahadli, of the Rapid Response forces, was quoted by Anadolu Agency as saying that airstrikes launched by army jets against IS locations in al-Shifa district, northeast of Mosul, on Saturday claimed lives of 43 civilians. 30 others were killed as the troops attacked IS pockets in districts of al-Shifa, al-Zanjili, al-Borsa, Bab Sanjar and Bab al-Toub in western Mosul.

IS now has only two remaining districts of al-Shifaa, al-Zanjili and parts of the Old City.

On Monday, Federal Police said troops aimed again at the strategic Old City from the southern entrances, reopening an old front after they have been sweeping through northwestern neighborhoods over the past few weeks in a way to invade the Old City.

The eastern side of Mosul was retaken in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to recapture the western flank of the city.

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