Committee says Islamic State’s school curricula in Nineveh eradicated

Schoolchildren attend their class at school in eastern Mosul, Iraq April 20, 2017. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Nineveh ( Textbooks containing Islamic State-dicated school syllabuses have all been eradicated from Nineveh, according to the Iraqi parliament’s education committee.

Committee rapporteur Sajida al-Effendi was quoted saying in press statement that textbooks printed out and taught to students in Nineveh had all been exterminated under the committee’s oversight.

“All the documented stats we possess note that a large portion of students in Nineveh had dropped out of school as Daesh (Islamic State) imposed texts that encourage slaughter,” said al-Effendi. She said special workforces had been sent to areas recaptured from IS in order to drain out extremist thoughts planted by the militant group inside children and young people’s minds.

“The new school year will see all dropouts coming back,” she said. “Daesh had left extremist thoughts in our son’s minds that have to be eliminated by intensifying the educational process in Nineveh.”

Islamic State militants took over a third of Iraq in 2014, and have imposed extreme religious rules on civilians and punished violators with penalties amounting to death.

The group had also been notorious for drafting minors on its battlefields, and many appeared in propaganda movies shared by the group while executing civilians and captive security members.

In November, the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights said nearly 400,000 children in the city of Mosul had been “brainwashed” by the Islamic State militants.It said IS syllabuses taught children how to make explosive belts, take female hostages and prepare booby-traps.

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